Our Mission Statement

The Hypnotherapy Training Academy (HTA) exists to promote learning about Hypnotherapy and to enable practitioners to develop appropriate skills in their work.

While the organisation exists as a partnership and needs to produce income for its owners, that is not the main objective. Rather, the HTA seeks to maximise the number of people for whom it provides teaching and to ensure that this teaching is of a very high standard.

The HTA aims to run all courses that it is able to do so providing each course does not make a loss.

The organisation seeks to provide a learning experience of a very high standard to all those who study with it.

The organisation aims to recompense tutors for their work with adequate payments.

The HTA encourages all those who work for it to contribute ideas and suggestions as to how the organisation can be improved and meet its objectives.

The organisation seeks to promote excellence in every part of its operation and will encourage all those involved with it to do the same.