Payment for courses



On this page you can pay for various courses.



How would you like to come on the course for very little - or for nothing?


If you get someone else to come with you then you both pay £10 less! So if you got three people to come you would save £30.



And if the course costs, say, £70, then if you got 7 people to come the course would be free to you!


To get the discount...

If two of you book then just send an email giving both your names, and you both pay £10 less when you book.



If you get others to come, just ask each one to email saying which course they're going on and giving your name. They also can pay £10 less, and you will get a discount cheque just before the course start-date for every person who does this.

Hope that's all clear - if not call Alan on 01202 423111.

 Please pay below or send a cheque to 'Hypnotherapy Training Academy, 30 Arnewood Road, Southbourne, Bournemouth, BH6 5DQ. If you need any help please call Alan.

Slight problem - the thing only allows you to pay £60! So please do that, and you can pay the remainder when you come on the course. My computer bod will sort this shortly.


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